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Re: invalid format?


Lutz Albers wrote:
> --On Freitag, 17. September 1999, 04:25 +0200 Rosdi Kasim
> <rosdi@snt.com.my> wrote:
> > Kurt, Mark,
> >
> > Btw, I saved this LDIF file into DOS ASCII format (in Windows), then using
> > an ftp program, I upload it to my freeBSD server, and after that I use
> > ldapadd to import the entries. Is that could be the cause?
> DON'T ever use a LDIF file in DOS format. ldapadd will not grok this
> correctly and will reject it with weird error messages.

    I have done this many time with open-ldap.  It is okay, just that
you have to remember to switch your mode from bin to asc during ftp to
unix.  Also, make sure that dat continue on the next line really have a
space before the data start again.

Chee-Hong WONG