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Re: Setting up OpenLDAP

At 10:56 AM 9/16/99 +0530, vineet chaoji wrote:
><list of all entries in the file>
>adding entry cn=schema
>ldap_modify: No such object

OpenLDAP schema is configured via slapd.conf(5).

>objectclass preferencespersonal
>requires objectclass
>allows officemsghdrsperpage, officemsgsortorder, officemsglinewidth, >officememberofoffices, officememberofgroups, officepreviewwindow, >officemsg3lines, officenewonurl, officenewoncompose, officeconfirmaftersend, >officesaveaddress, officefolderheaders, officefoldersortby
> .
>Now when I start slapd with -d 1, I get the following message:
>"/usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 144: unknown directive "requires" >outside database definition (ignored)"

slapd.conf(5) continuation lines must be initiated with whitespace.

>How do add my own attributes to the schema?
>How do I add my Objectclasses to the schema?

See slapd.conf(5), the FAQ, and the U-Mich guide.