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need schema definition advice

I'm having doubts on a schema design being new to LDAP.  What I have is
where I want to lookup volumes, the device they are on, and the server the
device is on.

So if you represent ownership in a heirarchy I have


Accessing the data, I have the volume id.  So I do the search for volume and
the volume owner is the device.  So I do the lookup on the device to get the
owner of the device, which is the server.  The app then goes to the server
to make the request.

Now I don't want to collapse the server and device information into the
volume because if the server or device goes offline, I don't want to update
all the volumes associated with said server/device.

Currently, my schema looks like the following

objectclass: myserver
objectclass: mydevice
objectclass: myvolume

I'll get a volume

ldapsearch -h localhost -b o=my.org,ou=volume uid=1 owner

the owner attribute will be uid=2,ou=device,o=my.org

ldapsearch -h localhost -b o=my.org,ou=device uid=2 owner

the owner attribute will be uid=3,ou=server,o=my.org

ldapsearch -h localhost -b o=my.org,ou=server uid=3

Why I am having doubts about this design is that I have to parse the owner
field to get the uid separate from the base.  There has to be a better way
then this.  While this scheme works fine, I really would like to review it
with you all to see if I am on target or way off base.

Can anyone cast a pearl upon this swine?

Thanks in advance,


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