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Re: Memory leak?

At 12:09 PM 9/14/99 -0700, Yuri Rabover wrote:
>Is there any way to add a sync-on-demand call
>(by accessing some magic attribute)?

No, the back-ldbm code supports only a boolean write-sync
flag.  It may be possible (though not necessarily feasible)
to implement some sort of "on-demand" mechanism to do sync.

>If I don't find
>any other good methods, I may consider doing this myself but this is
>a last resort and I don't have much time.

We're all short on time...

>> > Are there any other methods?
>> Safe writes using ldbm technlogy is slow.  We have a new
>> database backend (back-bdb2) in the works.  It is
>> still highly experimental (-devel only).
>As usual, no delivery estimates? :-).

Sorry, no schedules.