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Re: replication problems

At 02:38 PM 9/3/99 +0930, Michael Schrimshaw wrote:
>replica host=billing.obtero.net binddn="uid=replicator,ou=People,dc=obtero,dc=com,dc=au" \

>updatedn        "uid=replicator, ou=People, dc=obtero, dc=com, dc=au"
>access          to * by dn="uid=replicator, ou=People, dc=obtero, dc=com, dc=au" write

The DN regex must be designed to match normalized DN.  Remove
the spaces from the dn= regex.

>Error: ldap_simple_bind_s for billing.obtero.net:0 failed: No such object

Looks like the entry referred to in the updatedn does not exist
in the slave.  It must exist before you attempt replication.