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Re: No Return with ldapsearch

At 12:09 AM 9/3/99 +0100, Luis Estorninho wrote: 
>I'm using slapd from         OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_1_2_1.
>with  Sleepycat version 2.7.5

I suggest you upgrade to OPENLDAP_RELEASE (currently 1.2.6)
or OPENLDAP_STABLE (currently 1.2.6).  Both of these are
floating revision tags.  That is, they are updated upon
new issue of "release" and "stable" versions, respectively.

>I'm tryng to get some users using         "ldapsearch cn=xpto "
>But for some users it does not return anything.

Likely a case of garbage in/garbage out.

>The user is there since i've checked using ldbmcat  over database. 

If you ever used ldif2ldbm add new entries (as opposed
to restoring a database), you like have malformed entries in
your directory (ldif2ldbm does no schema or naming checks).

>Is this any known bug? How can i solve this ?
I suggest:
	1) stop slapd
	2) create a backup of your database using appropriate
		system tools
	3) dump your database using 'ldbmcat -n'
	4) remove all files from the database directory
	5) restart the server
	6) use ldapadd(1) to reload your database

(step 4 would also be a suitable point to install 1.2.6).
> Another problem is when i do a search with wildcards
> ( like ldapsearch cn="xpto*" ) the server goes down.

Try it with 1.2.6 and if the server crashes file a bug
report with appropriate details.