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Re: Production ready?

At 09:02 AM 9/2/99 -0500, Mazzolini, Mike wrote:
>Hi All,
>	My question is a simple one, Is there a version of OpenLDAP that you
>feel is ready for really production use?


A little description of "release" verus "stable"...
(I'll have to add this in the FAQ).

The "release" version is the last general release of OpenLDAP.
The "stable" version is the last general release which has
demonstrated stability in the real world.  That is, only
after a new "release" has been in general use for a suitable
period of time and, based upon issue reports, believed to
be more stable than the current "stable" does it become the
new "stable."  Some general releases never are never labeled
"stable" as significant issues arise after "release".

Announcements of new "releases" and new "stable" versions are
made on this list from time to time.   Currently, both
"release" and "stable" are version 1.2.6.   The next general
release will be 1.2.7.  The stable release will be the next
release which demonstrates it is more stable than 1.2.6.