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Re: Default schema

At 04:54 PM 9/1/99 +0200, Verschraegen Luc wrote:
>On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> Yes.  Slapd makes certain assumptions concerning schema rules as
>> needed to implement the service, including:
>> 	objectclass attribute type stores the object class
>> 	userPassword attribute type stores the user's password
>> 	objectclass 'referral' is a referral
>> 	attribute type ref holds referral URLs.
>  Is this list available in some header- or source-file

The minimal schema required by OpenLDAP is not documented except
by the actual source code.

>> It is recommend that users of OpenLDAP only EXTEND the schema
>> provided.
>  could you explain this a little bit further,

You should not edit the distributed slapd.at.conf nor slapd.oc.conf
nor cause them not to be included by your slapd.conf file.

You should define your what additional schema items you desire
in separate files and include these after inclusion of distribution
slapd.at.conf/slapd.oc.conf files.

# example slapd.conf fragment

# include OpenLDAP schema
include slapd.at.conf
include slapd.oc.conf

# include local schema
include local.at.conf
include local.oc.conf

Besides slapd.conf(5), the U-Mich guide, and the archives of this
list, you might check out our FAQ.  It has a section with a number
of slapd schema answers.

[Note: OpenLDAP users are welcomed to add answers to the FAQ.
It's interactive!]