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Re: Advice

At 01:01 PM 8/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm creating a LDAP database from my company, I'd like some advice on what
>object classes to use.
>We'll mainly be using this for a company wide address book. We are a
>Cooperative who also provide a Cotton selling service called Telcot, as
>such, we have three different distinctive types of entries -

You need to review schema requirements for each applications
and than choose a set of schema items which best fulfill the
needs of your use of these applications.  Some applications,
especially, mail delivery agents (and mail clients) have very
specific requirements.  These *should* be documented in the
application integration manual.

>1. Employees  -- Regular Employees in our various divisions. Our client
>software is mainly Outlook and the windows address book (wab) which will do
>automatic email lookups. (ou=pcca,dc=pcca,dc=com)

See the archives for schema requirements for Outlook (and Outlook
Express).  (BTW, this would good answer for the FAQ... hint, hint).

>2. Member Gins / Farmers  -- These are Members of our Coop who will have
>basically all the same information as the Employees using the same clients.
>They'll be placed on a different branch of our ldap tree.
>3. Cotton Buyers using our service -- These are Cotton traders who use our
>system. Their entries are pretty much just like the Gins.
>I'd like advice on what schema and objectclasses to use for these. Is there
>an objectclass that encompasses all of the wab attributes without breaking
>the schema?

It's best to use extend standard track schema.  You can find descriptions
of standard track schema items in various RFCs.  There are also a
number of web sites that provide decent reference (see archives or
FAQ for URL).

>There were some URL's posted a few messages back w/ information on the
>schema, could someone repost them?

They are in the list archives.... http://www.openldap.org/lists/