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Re: ldapsearch performance

At 04:29 PM 8/30/99 +0800, cellecial@21cn.com wrote:
>I add more than 3000 entries to OpenLDAP 1.2.4 using ldap_add_s() in my
>program ,then use ldap_delete_s to delete most of them. After that ,though
>there is only left a few entries less than 20, the speed of ldapsearch is
>too slow to tolerant. Why? Does ldap_delete_s() delete indexes?

slapd manages indices during ADD/DELETE/MODIFY/MODRDN operations.
Older versions of slapd did not do index removal.  Some changes
where made in 1.2.4 and subsequent to do index removal.  We
generally recommend all users update to the latest "stable"
release, currently 1.2.6.

>How to improve ldapsearch performance?

As the efficent of indices decreases as they age, you should
rebuilding indices on a regular basis (depending upon the
amount of modification your directory experiences).   In addition,
you should rebuild your indices after removing a large percentage
of your directory.