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Compiling w/ shared libs

I'm trying to compile openldap with shared libraries
so I can link other programs to the .so (like using
the Netscape SDK).  I thought I did it right, but the
other software doesn't seem to be working well with it.

I'm trying to compile auth_ldap and php with ldap
support for apache (http://www.rudedog.org/auth_ldap
version 1.3.4 and http://www.php.net).  I'm installing
this on IRIX 6.4, compiling with gcc (2.8.1).

I've talked with the author of auth_ldap to try to get
it working, but since php also does not work right,
I think I may be compiling openldap wrong.

auth_ldap gets a segmentation fault when it calls
ldap_init. php also gives a segmentation fault (in apache's
server logs) when it tries to open a connection, but
does not log where it happened (presumably in ldap_init

I configured openldap with:
      LIBS="-lpthread" ./configure --enable-shared

I installed the sleepycat stuff so I could use threads,
and the server compiles and runs fine, as do the
ldapsearch and other utilities that come with openldap.

At this point, I'm not sure that it is openldap, but
I want to see if anyone has any ideas what might be
wrong, suggestions for what to look for, experience
compiling it on IRIX, etc.

 Jeff Clowser
 mailto:jclowser@aerotek.com       Hanover MD  21076 USA
 Phone: (410)-579-4328             7312 Parkway Drive