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Re: ldapadd/ldapmodify problem

At 09:18 AM 8/24/99 +0530, vineet chaoji wrote:
>[root@xanadu tools]# ldapadd -D "cn=directory manager"
>-W   < ~vineet/office.ldif
>Enter LDAP Password:xxxxxxx
>ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
>rootdn          "cn=directory manager, o=office.pspl.co.in"
>rootpw         xxxxxxxxxxx
># cleartext passwords, especially for the rootdn, should
># be avoid.  See slapd.conf(5) for details.

try ldapadd -D "cn=directory manager, o=office.pspl.co.in" -W

Note also that OpenLDAP supports U-Mich LDAP.... hence
axe the "version: 1" and the comments.
># This file was generated by gq 0.2.2   (http://biot.com/gq/)
># run by vineet Fri Aug 20 14:28:47 1999
># subtree search on o=office.pspl.co.in
># server: wimbledon.intranet.pspl.co.in:389
># binddn: cn=directory manager
>version: 1
>dn: o=office.pspl.co.in
>objectclass: top
>objectclass: organization
>o: office.pspl.co.in
>creatorsname: cn=directory manager
>createtimestamp: 19990713122939Z
>aci: (target="ldap:///o=office.pspl.co.in";)(targetattr="*")(version 3.0;
> cl "unknown"; allow (all) userdn = "ldap:///anyone";; )
>modifiersname: cn=directory manager
>modifytimestamp: 19990713123012Z
>dn: officecompanydomain=pspl_pune, o=office.pspl.co.in
>objectclass: infocompany
>objectclass: preferencesCompany
>officecompanydomain: pspl_pune
>officecompanyid: c-pspl_pune
>officecompanyname: Persistent Systems Private Limited
>officecompanyoffice: o-pspl_pune-coffeeroom
>officestreetaddress: Panini, 2A Senapati Bapat Road
>officelocation: Near Chatushringi Temple
>officecity: Pune
>officestate: Maharashtra
>officecountry: India
>officepostalcode: 411 016
>officephone: +91 (20) 567 6700
>officefax: +91 (20) 567 6701
>officemobile: 91 (20) 567 67 00
>officepager: 1-800-PAGER
>officewebpageurl: www.pspl.co.in
>officecompanysize: 120
>Could anyone tell me what the problem is?
>I had another doubt: How do I tell the OpenLDAP server about my own
>schema(i.e. the must and may fields in the object classes)?

Create your own files containing slapd.conf(5) schema directives
(objectclass and attribute).  See the slapd.oc.conf/slapd.at.conf
and/or the archives for examples.