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Re: need some help

At 10:19 AM 8/23/99 +0800, Rosdi Kasim wrote:
>Hi all,
>I just installed openldap in my freebsd. I'm totally new in ldap world,
>therefore please excuse me if my question seems too naive.
>I believe I have succesfuly install openldap and slapd is running fine. I
>can add new entries using ldapmodify or ldapadd. However I cannot 'login'
>(from a windows machine) into my ldap server eventhough I'm using a correct
>rootdn and password.
>When I enabled the debugging facility, everytime I try to access the ldap
>server as a root (or manager) slapd will print the following message:
>do_bind: version 2 dn (cn=manager) method 128
>send_ldap_result 49::


>What does that mean?

It likely means that "cn=manager" is not held by your database.
Likely should be "cn=manager, <your-database-suffix>".

>btw, when I try to modify/add new entries,  I will get
>error message like he following..
>dn2entry_w: ..blah..blah..<snipped>....
>=> ....<snipped>....
>=> ....<snipped>....
><= dn2id NOID       <--- no user id?

That means that the entry you are trying to modify doesn't

>If I put 'defaultaccess write' in the slapd.conf then everybody will be able
>to modify the entries right?

No, it means the default access will be write.  If you have no
explicit access control directives in slapd.conf(5), then
everyone will be able to write.   I generally recommend users
set the default access to none (and use explicit access

> but why I cannot?

I don't believe your problem is access, I believe it's specifying
appropriate target DNs.