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search fails with spaces in search value

This is really bugging me.  It could be that I simply have missed
something w.r.t. proper ldap searchstring syntax.  Hopefully someone can
put me out of my misery.

Consider this directory entry:

dn: cn=Domain Admins, ou=Accounts, ou=ITS, dc=enc, dc=edu
member: Administrator,1f4,1
objectclass: sambaGroup
ntuid: Domain Admins
rid: 200
cn: Domain Admins

Give the proper search base, you'd think that I'd be able to locate this
with this simple search string:

     '(cn=Domain Admins)'

Instead, I get this error message:

     ldap_search: Bad search filter

Uhhhh... okay... so, then I try this


Which works just fine!  I have a feeling I'm being a dummy here... any


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