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Re: Outlook Express / Address book fields

Seth Thornberry schrieb:
> I'm creating an LDAP database to store our company's address book entries -
> Does anyone know where I can find what attributes Microsoft uses from LDAP?
> I've figured out a few on my own, but it'd be a godsend to get the entire
> list.

You can start the slapd with the -d parameter or add the loglevel parameter to
the slapd.conf. Make sure the that your syslogd fetch the slapd output( refer
to slapd manual page).

Than start a search with you preferred ldap client. The output of the slapd
will give you all the information of the retrieved attribute names.

Because it's some time ago, i couldn't recognize the loglevel values. 
4 + 16 seems a good choice.

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