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"Operations error" on ldapdelete


we had openldap running on a Linux (SuSE 6.0) box. Now we ran ldbmcat to get an ldif file of the data and used ldif2ldbm to load it on an other computer. (It was on a 266 MHz box, now it is on a 400 and on a 450 MHz box).

Since then, we encounter strange behaviour:

First, it seems some entries "vanished". I find them in the ldif file and it seems to be ok, but I don´t find them in the running LDAP. Can´t get it with ldapsearch. Yet, when I try to add the entry again (ldapadd), I get the response "ldap_add: Already exists". 

Some other entries are loaded and work correctly but cannot be deleted. ldapmodify and ldapmodrdn work, but ldapdelete does not. And even if I change rdn with ldapmodrdn, I still cannot add the original new entry anew. "ldap_add: Already exists".

Another strange behaviour: I have not tested fully yet, but it seems to me that when I add new entries, they randomly overwrite other entries. The old, overwritten entries are not found any more. But the new ones in some way behave like they still were the old ones. Modifying the old entry works(!) even if I can´t search for the old entry any more. The modified attribute can be searched, but search returns the NEW entry.

This strange behaviour most likely cannot stem from using a special openldap version, and not from a special computer. It´s the same on four different computers, openldap version 1.1.2 as well as 1.2.6, Intel PC with 266 MHz, 400 MHz and 450 MHz, Linux SuSE 6.0 and 6.1.

Sorry that I could not explain more precise, but after all I still am kind of a newbie ;-| 

Any help will be appreciated very much.


Gerhard Duile