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Re: Moving/copying entries/subtries

At 06:54 PM 8/15/99 -0400, Himanshu wrote:
> 	Is it possible to copy or move a single entry or maybe a whole
>subtree to another part of the hierarchy tree in openLDAP. In short are
>there any library call similar to ldap_delete and ldap_add (something like
>ldap_move or ldap_copy) that moves /  copies entries to another subtree.

No.  OpenLDAP 1.x only provodes ldap_modrdn which allows you to
rename a leaf entry RDN.  Our LDAPv3 implementation, when released,
will support ldap_rename a leaf entry's RDN and superior DN.  There
is no standard track method for renaming whole subtrees as of yet
(though this is being worked on by the IETF LDAPext WG).

To workaround these limitations, you can use ldbmcat | editor | ldapadd.