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Re: passwd backend

As I recall, the passwd backend is a read-only backend.
You'd have to write your own or hack the supplied backend to
make it writable.

Richard Pijlgroms wrote:
> Hello,
> I am want to use ldap as frontend to my passwd file.
> So far i managed to get ldap running with my password file, when i do a query like "ldapsearch 'cn=*'" it display's all the users in my /etc/passwd file. so far so good.
> but when i try to use ldapadd with all the nessesary options the system comes back with the dialog: ldap_bind DSA is unwilling to perform
> ldap_bind: additional info: Function not implemented
> Does anybody know if what i am trying to do is possible (creating users through my ldapserver) and if yes, how to do this.
> if the answer is no: is there a relative easy way to perform such a task ??
> Greetings richard
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