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about BASEDN and RDN


I use OpenLDAP 1.2.4 to store certificates. You know,the subject of
certificate may be from any country,that is ,the dn of certificates
can be "...,c=CN","...,c=UK" and so on. Does that mean I should add
all country code to slapd.conf(like below)?

suffix "c=CN"
suffix "c=UK"
suffix "c=AU"

There are 242 country codes in ldapfriendly.So adding them all to
slapd.conf is annoying.I know the root of DIT is a virtual root,which
has no meanings. But is there a root superior to c=CN,c=UK,...?
Is there any way to solve the problem?

Supposed I have added them all to slapd.conf,can basedn be multiple?
If can,it means I should have such line "BASE c=CN c=UK c=AU ..." in
ldap.conf. If it cannot,I should add ' -b "c=..." ' in every operation
if BASE has been set to "c=CN"  in ldap.conf. Do you have solution
to this?

And our certificate subject comprises cn,ou,o,l,st and c, as below:

			root                   (no)   
	   /	 /     /     \     \      \
	       ...   c=CN   c=AU   ...          c=CN
	          st=sc                        st=sc
	        l=cd                            l=cd
	      o=SDTech                          o=SDTech
	    ou=software                        ou=software
	  cn=cert1                             cn=cert1
	  DN : cn=cert1,ou=software,o=SDTech,l=cd,st=sc,c=CN

You can see to add a certificate, I should add 4 entries:"st=sc,c=CN",
"ou=software,o=SDTech,l=cd,st=sc,c=CN" . They take up the hard disk,
memory, and make the structure and maintainance more complex.
Can RDN be "ou=software,o=SDTech,l=cd,st=sc"? That is:
        /      /       /     \     \      \
	      ...   c=CN   c=AU   ...          c=CN
	ou=software,o=SDTech,l=cd,st=sc       ou=software,o=SDTech,l=cd,st=sc
	         cn=cert1                     cn=cert1
	   DN : cn=cert1,ou=software,o=SDTech,l=cd,st=sc,c=CN
If RDN can be "ou=software,o=SDTech,l=cd,st=sc", how to do it?

Thanks in advance.
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