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RE: Migration from Ph Server to OpenLDAP

Paulo- I wrote a simple perl script to take the output from mdump (the ph
database dump) and convert it into an ldif file.  You'll have to make some
modifications to fit your environment...  It fits into the realm of "quick
hacks," so the coding isn't my best work.  :-)


Usage:  mdump2ldif mdumpfile ldiffile


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On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Wyman Eric Miles wrote:

> We were using a piece of software called 'ph2ldap'  available from
> Qualcomm.  When last I checked, it was in beta.  It does build against
> OpenLDAP 1.2 and works fine, as far as we've noticed.
	That might be usefull, to be complient to the old client programs
that were using PH, however the problem is with database migration.
	I have done a wide sense question, the _correct_ question should

 	How can I migrate from a CCSO Ph NameServer _database_ to

	Best Regards,

	Paulo Matos
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