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Re: Wildcard search in Outlook Express

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Ken Hughes wrote:

   In Netscape mail I can enter an asterisk as a wildcard and get a complete directory listing. Unfortunately this doesn't work in Outlook Express. Does anyone know of a wildcard character for Outlook Express that will give a complete listing of all entries?
Outlook will "wrap" wildcards around some items. A search in outlook will for
for a match on each word in:

It does a query similar to (assuming search is "name1 name2"):

(|(cn=*name1*name2*)(sn=name2*)(givenName=name1*)(display-name=name1 name2*)\
  (mail=name1*)(mail=name2*)(display-name=name2 name1*)(cn=*name2*name1*)\

Obviously if the query is only for one word the search gets shorter.

I have picked this up from some network traces and also a bit of educated
guessing. This may not be exact but it is in the ball park.

Outlook 2000 has options on a search similar to Netscape. Previous versions
just have a "use simple search filter" check box which does the above if you
slice it in half.


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