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Re: superior and oid

What does OpenLDAP 2.x parse? RFC2252 based schema?

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> At 06:00 PM 8/8/99 -0600, Geoff Hibble wrote:
> >Would it make sense and be possible for open-ldap 1.2.6 to parse
> >slapd.xx.conf files that include "superior" and "oid" but ignore them?
> I do not believe it makes sense to ignore a superior keyword.  The
> server should either 1) require manual expansion or 2) honor the
> keyword.
> >That way I could use a LDAP v3 slapd.oc.conf file and "be ready for the
> >future".
> The future may not be what you expect... the new -devel schema parser
> is designed to use RFC2252 based schema descriptions.
> attribute ( NAME 'objectClass' EQUALITY objectIdentifierMatch
>       SYNTAX )
> objectclass ( NAME 'top' ABSTRACT MUST objectClass )
> If you want to ready for the future, I would suggest restricting
> your use of home grown schema items to auxilary object classes.