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Re: Strange behaviour on FreeBSD 3.s STABLE

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Robert Dal Santo wrote:

   	I've recently changed to OpenLDAP 1.2.6 with Berkeley DB 2.7.5.
   	When I start slapd it all runs nice and fast but it grows, and grows 
   and grows and grows in memory. It starts at around 2MB and quickly gets to 
   around 38Mb in only a day. Theres about 8000 entries in the database. 
   	The other unusual behaviour is that it takes a very very long time to 
   do a batch of modifys. It does about one modify every second so updating all 
   8000 entries takes a very very long time. 
   	Are there any known issues with OpenLDAP and FreeBSD? The apparent 
   memory leak is the greatest concern.
I see similar things in Solaris 2.6/Sparc. But this has been a LOT better
behaved when switching from the 1.2.3 release to the 1.2.6 release.

I have yet to spend some time investigating this (ie, when I can offer a fix for
it I will put in an "Official" groan and patch). If anyone has some hints (about
where to start looking) they would appreciated, it seems to be the machines that
are searched the most chew the most RAM.


Simon Murcott