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Re: lastModifiedTime?

At 05:25 PM 8/5/99 -0500, Jason Bodnar wrote:
>Thanks. That works.
>Two other questions.
>Where can I found out about the format of generalizedTimeSyntax?

The generalized time syntax is defined by X.208.  You can get your
copy of X.208 from ITU bookstore for 34 CHF.

Order me a copy while your at it :-)

I believe basically extends the uTCTimeSyntax (also described in X.208)
but either allows or requires a century specification.  It also,
I believe allows for fractional seconds to be specified.

>Does openldap set modfiyTimestamp as well as createTimestamp when the entry is
>first created or is left undefined?

OpenLDAP updates modifyTimestamp only upon successful completion
of a Modify operation.