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Re: -W not working anymore

Jason Bodnar wrote:
> I haven't touched my ldap project for a while but finally got back to it today.
> In the past I used -W to be prompted for a password but it's not working
> anymore. Am I crazy or am I just doing something wrong. I was using 1.2.3 but
> upgraded to 1.2.6 to make sure that wasn't the problem. The man page says -W
> prompts for the password.
> bash-2.01$ ldapsearch -W -D 'cn=root, o=Tivoli Systems' 'cn=Jason Bodnar'
> ldapsearch: illegal option -- W

ldapsearch does not support -W option (others like ldapadd,... does)
PS:When I asked earlier, Kurt said...

-W support needs to be added to ldapsearch (it's implemented in -devel).
Feel free to submit an ITS (preferrably with a patch)...