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Re: Sendmail - LDAP


we are using sendmail and LDAP for our about 40.000 users here (but only about 6.500 to 7.000 "active" users at the moment. But this number increases day by day).
We use what we call a "mail router" (I think, this is sometimes also referred to as a "hub"), which means incoming mail to e.g. gerhard.duile@baypol.bayern.de (that´s me:) is transformed by LDAP lookup into my "real" email address (in this case, gerhard.duile@mail.lka.baypol), after having passed the firewall to our intranet (if the mail is lucky and not refused by firewall).
The reason for that is that somebody in some ancient years defined that every user here shall have an email address of the kind 1stName.surname@baypol.bayern.de, no matter what real name his/her mail server has. As our company is spread over whole Bavaria on about 1.200 different sites, we don´t want to have one global mail server, instead there are at least 12 decentral mail servers, maybe more (maybe much more in future...?).

We use sendmail 8.9.x, openldap 1.2.1 (we started with 1.1.1), "glued together" with mail500 MTA (hope it´s the right term...:). On most of the decentral "end mail servers" currently also sendmail is used, but there is also one smaller site using postfix (from SuSE 6.1, I think). At the moment, only one end site is using MS exchange, but certenly there will be much more in future. In fact, it´s of no interest for us in principle, as long as the used mail server understands SMTP (and you can bring even the exchange SW to that). To enable the users to change their passwords, we use a tool named jpoppass, because at the moment all (well, at least most of) our 40.000 users have to be listed in /etc/passwd files of the end servers (that´s different, of course, on the exchange sites). We are looking for a way to change this situation and authentificate solely over LDAP, but we did not succeed until now. There is a tool named PAM, but it would not work in our situation.

I send as attachment a html document containing some info about our constallation. Even if it´s a bit outdated, and it contains some stuff only of interest inside our group, perhaps you will find it of some use.

If you would like to know more, write me an email (gerhard.duile@baypol.bayern.de or postmaster@baypol.bayern.de).

Gerhard Duile

--- I forgto: we use SuSE Linux 5.3, 6.0 (mostly) and 6.1. And we think about using qmail instad of sendmail. I have been told that this should be easyer to configure and faster to run.

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>I'm trying to find information about setting up a unix mail server
>(sendmail) using LDAP lookups.  Can anyone point in the right direction!
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