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access control.


I am using openldap version 1.2.3.
I have used some ldap migrate tool to import the passwords file into LDAP.
I am successfully using pam_ldap.
I am trying  to change the password as me:

      # ldappasswd -D"uid=ghibble,dc=adevice,dc=com" -w abc123 "uid=ghibble,dc=adevice,dc=com".

It prompts for password and I give it something but it comes back with:

      ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

abc123 is the correct current password.  My slapd.conf has the following lines:

      access to attr=userPassword
         by self write
         by * compare
If I bind as ROOTDN, "cn=root,dc=adevice,dc=com" and ROOTPW,  it works fine.

What am I doing wrong?

--Geoff Hibble