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Re: Q: slurpd replication

Don Badrak wrote:
> > > > You need to setup the master with a replog for each replica and
> > > > have separate slurpd running for each replog.
> > >
> > > Really?
> >
> > No. Each backend can only have one replog and it's used by a single
> > slurpd to update all replicas of the backend.
> Ah.  Per-backend.  Silly me.  I have multiple replicas for one backend,
> and none for the other.
> Ok, I'm cool on this now, thanks.

sorry i'm just now getting back to this issue.... so i'm a little

i have no idea what this means for sure, and i was hoping you could
explain it to me.  what exactly do you mean by backend?  do i need to
run separate slurpd daemons for each slave server that i have running?

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