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Re: help on Exception


Audy Sunarya wrote:

> 1. I used Netscape's address book (client) to check if the LDAP server
> works. One of thing I encounter is that only if I leave the search root
> blank, will it connect to the LDAP server. Otherwise, it will fail to
> connect to the server. What do I do wrong here ?

    You might want to check your search root, make sure that the DN refer to a
entry found in the LDAP DIT.

> 2. I started programming using JNDI-API to connect to the LDAP server, and
> yet blocked by the error "partial result exception". Can anybody help how
> to deal with it like give me some idea how to still retrieve the partial
> result or lend me a hand how to go around it.

    I am not sure, but are you binding as someone?  Partial result usually
means that the server did not manage to get all the result of the processing.
In the case of a search, where a sub-branch is found in another LDAP server,
you can get this kind of exception should the other server be unavailable.

    I would suggest that you should use other toolkit provided to do your
test.  Those command line base ldapsearch, ldapmodify etc.

  Chee Hong.