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Re: Slow openldap?

Borek Lupomesky schrieb:
>    I have over 3000 entries in an LDAP directory (very small ones). When I
> do a lookup in this directory the speed is horrible - onelevel lookup
> takes 10 seconds:
> rethymno:~/work/dhcplst-2/ouidb$ time -p ldapsearch -b
> 'app=ouidb,ou=ci,ou=rektorat,o=UJEP' -s one -h ldap '(oui=00105A)' dn
> oui=00105A,app=ouidb,ou=ci,ou=rektorat,o=UJEP

Are the attributes you search for indexed?
Do you use the loggingfaciltiy to syslog?

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