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Re: core dump using nss_ldap on Solaris

[ Cross-posted to ldap-nis as that's the best place to discuss nss_ldap;
  suggest moving the discussion there unless there's something specifically
  related to OpenLDAP. ]

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Santithorn Bunchua wrote:

> I have tried compiling nss_ldap 85 on Solaris 7. It compiles OK. But when
> I try to use it (e.g. using getpwnam() to retrieve user information from
> LDAP) it always core dump. I have tried using Sun's ldap library that
> comes with Solaris 7, OpenLDAP's ldap library, Netscape LDAP library.. the
> same problem.

Using Solaris 2.6 and the Netscape Directory SDK 3.0 for C{*} with nss_ldap
2.72 and nss_ldap 80 works for me - no core dumps.  Sorry, I haven't tried a
newer version of nss_ldap or Solaris 7 yet.

{*} ...which Netscape still hasn't tested for Y2K compliance (you know what
    managers are like about those sorts of things).  *sigh*

> Anybody have succeeded in using nss_ldap? or anybody can suggest the
> solution to my problem? I have sent e-mail to support@padl.com a few days
> ago but haven't got any reply yet.