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Re: slurpd: replica chains and slave with multiple masters]

Hi James,

>   I have a situation where it would be useful to chain master and slave
> slapd processes.  Also, I'd like to have replica slave databases accept
> changes from multiple masters.
>   The documentation mentions (but does not suggest using) these
> possibilities.  Does anyone have direct experience as to what will
> happen under these circumstances (either because you've tried it or
> because you wrote the code)??

I'm not sure I understood your question but I think my patch for
multi-mastering will help you.
I had some kind of the same problem but I had to install a failsave
environment. This means all my>ldap servers are masters and slaves at the
same time, they all accept write commands as they accept read requests. I
took the simplest approach by not redistributing write command the server
received from the user specified as replicauser. This patched version of
1.2.1 is online in a productive environment for over 3 months now with no
fail. We had two server errors on one of the LDAPs, after a reboot the LDAP
was synchronized automaticly with no errors.


Philipp Klaus
Software Engineer
Internet Access AG