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Re: replication: No such object

At 08:36 PM 7/26/99 +0000, David Reitz wrote:
>well, it seems i didn't send this to the correct place... at least
>according to the mailing list manager that sent it back.  hopefully this
>is the correct place..

Yes, this is the right place for software questions...

>>i have been trying to get replication set up with the openldap server
>>v1.2.4.   however, it seems that dels/mods/and adds are not updated on
>>the slave servers (nothing is update b/t servers).  i have both slapd
>>and slurpd on the master server, and just slapd on the slave server.  i
>>have followed the SLAPD and SLURPD administrator's guide (to my
>>knowledge, correctly).  once a add/del/mod is made, the server reports
>>"ERROR: No such object".

Did you copy the master database to the slave before starting
the master and running running slurpd?   That is, slurpd only
makes changes recorded in the replication log.  If dependent
entries do not yet exist in the slave, slurpd will fail.

If you slaves are running under the same platform
(hardware/os/software) as the master, than you can copy the
actual DB files (while no slapd is running).  Otherwise, use
must use ldbmcat (on the master) and ldif2ldbm (on the slave)
to create each slave's initial database.  Besure to remove
any old replog before starting the master.

The you can proceed with testing replication logging, slave-to-master
referrals, and slurping.