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Re: Final pieces to the Netscape roaming puzzle found!

At 11:25 PM 7/24/99 -0400, Kartik Subbarao wrote:
>The fix was to correct an RFC 2251 compliance issue with OpenLDAP.

Actually, this compatibility problem is an RFC 1777 compliance issue.
OpenLDAP implements LDAPv2 (RFC 1777 + U-Mich enhancements).  Clients
(such as Netscape Navigator) should be careful not to send LDAPv3'ism
(such as the "*") in LDAPv2 requests.  The user vs operational
attribute handling requirements (including the "*") are LDAPv3'isms.
LDAPv2 makes no distinction between user and operational attribute

Your patch, though, is a good workaround.  It should be treated
as such (ie: not a fix).

Our LDAPv3 implementation (OpenLDAP-devel) already contains support
for the features included in your patch.