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Re: Replicating openldap

At 04:21 PM 7/23/99 -0700, James M. Moe wrote:
>    I have an openldap v1.2.4 as the master LDAP, and a v1.1.2 as the
>slave, both on RedHat 5.2 Linux.

I recommend updating the slave to 1.2.4...

>    When a change is made to the master, it is propogated to the slave
>but the change is not made at the slave. No error is returned, no *.rej
>file(s). (In the slave's debug output I did notice a "9::referral"
>return code. Hmmm.)

Means that slurpd was not configured to bind as DN listed in
the slave's updateDN directive.

I recommend consulting the U-Mich guide for instructions on
how to setup replication.