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RE: My first LDAP attempt...

The ones I use are:

objectClass => person
o => The company they work for (normally your company, but not always in my
ou => The subgroup of the company they work for
cn => Their full name
sn => Surname
givenname => Given name
mail => Email address
telephonenumber => Telephone number (comes out as Business phone in Outlook
pager => Pager number
title => Job title
physicalDeliveryOfficeName => Office number
uid => User ID

I know this breaks some of the "rules" of LDAP in that these things are not
all actually part of the person class (some are orgpersons) so it may not
work correctly in other clients.
However, the above all work in Outlook Express 5 and Outlook 2000 (haven't
gotten around to trying Netscape yet).

These are all documented in msdn (both on line and in the version supplied
with Visual Studio).

There are more, and I'll find them at some point, but now that I have
something that works I have other priorities.

Something I'ld like to see in the FAQ is a pointer to a readable document
explaining the standard schema understood by most clients, along with
interpretations clients use for the various attributes.
Anyone care to write such a thing?


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> Ken Hughes wrote:
> I've finally got OpenLDAP 1.2 up and running on SuSE 6.1 (despite the
> usual "tweaks" that SuSE seems to enjoy doing on certain
> packages...but that's another rant.). I had to set the "Search Root"
> to o=MyOrg,c=US in order for Netscape or Outlook to see anything which
> seems to work fine. My question is, can someone explain to me how to
> make the other fields in Outlook and Netscape available? Also, how can
> I setup different directories (i.e. Customers, Vendors, etc.)?
> Ken Hughes

This is a "me too" type of question as I'm in the same position.

Mark Harvey