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Re: jpegPhoto in ldif file

 jpegPhoto:< file:/home/exc001/edi.jpg

(in your LDIF file) should work, according to <draft-good-ldap-ldif-04.txt>.
Netscape software supports this; I don't know whether OpenLDAP does.
Previous versions of the draft allowed:

jpegPhoto:< /home/exc001/edi.jpg

"Matz, Guy" wrote:

> you can use "ldif -b jpegPhoto < image.jpg > image.ldif"  this will output
> the ldif for entry
> Wilbert de Graaf [SMTP:w.degraaf@hetnet.nl] wrote:
>> Can anybody tell me how to encode a jpeg file using base 64?
>> jpgePhoto: /home/exc001/edi.jpg
>> doesn't work!