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Re: ldap_simple_bind_s: funky return code?

Barry Fujii wrote:

> howdy folks.
>         I have been working on enabling an application to use LDAP and I am getting
> back a strange error from my call to
>         ldap_simple_bind_s(connection, username, passwd);
>         the return code itself is 97 and a call to
>         ldap_err2string(retval);
>         yields this:
>         "Referral hop limit exceeded."
> what exactly does this mean?

Saw something like this before.  What happened here
was that one of our admins imported a replica
database into the master server.  Any time we tried
to write to the master, it thought it was a replica
and refered it to the master, which was itself.
After some number of loops through this, it returned
this error.

To fix it, we had to export to LDIF, fix the file,
then re-import it.  Forget the exact attribute we
had to delete, but it was in the suffix record, I
believe.  This was on Netscape's directory server,
by the way, not Openldap.

Don't know if this is your case, since you get it
in the bind, not in a write op, but thought it might
be a starting place.  Another idea: Is it possible that
the "username" is not a proper dn?  It must be a dn,
not a uid, as far as I know.

 Jeff Clowser
 mailto:jclowser@aerotek.com       Hanover MD  21076 USA
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