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Re: LDAP/mail interaction

>Getting an MTA and pop/imap to use LDAP is not very difficult. The harder
>part is user management.

We did develop webbased applications that manage accounts through LDAP, both
for the Netscape Mail (cgi, applets and shtml) and MCIS (APS). Even
delegated management, which means that customers that bought one or more
email domains, can create / add / modify / ... accounts within their
domains. An 'ou' per domain, and an administrator can manage the objects
within it's corresponding ou. It's working just fine. But indeed it depends
on how much time you can reserve to create the application(s).

Recently I tried PHP3 and the LDAP module that comes with it (and imap, and
...) , and I think it's as easy as on top op both those commercial products,
and cheaper.

(Or you can give these admins the ldapxxx commands, and it comes down to you
setting the correct ACLs on the directory.)

- Wilbert