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RE: object not found?

I see a couple of things that my cause trouble...

> ------[contain of mydb.txt]----------
> dn: o=CHPNET,c=US
> objectClass: organization

This entry doesn't match any of the stuff below it " dn: o=CHPNET,c=US". Do
you mean to say "dn: o=xyz, c=US" ?

> then I did a
> ldapsearch -b 'o=xyz,c=US' 'objectClass*'
> returns with a
> ldap_search: No such object <- ?

You are close here, but try doing your ldapsearch like this and see if it
works (add an equals (=) sign between objectclass and the "*"):

#> ldapsearch -b 'o=xyz,c=US' 'objectclass=*'

this should return the every entry in the "xyz, US" portion of your ldap db.

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