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Re: need examples in ADSI/ASP (NT)

At 12:38 PM 7/10/99 -0700, Mark Williamson wrote:
>I've setup my OpenLDap server on linux.  I'd like to connect/query it from
>our NT webserver using ASP and ADSI.  Can someone give some examples (if
>you have any) for doing this?  Thanks,

You should be able to access the OpenLDAP server from an NT
webserver using ASP/ADSI.  I suggest browsing Microsoft's
Developer pages for additional information.  Here's a
few jump off points:

You'll find LDAP and Active Directory under Platform SDK |
Network Services.

You might also try asking in an appropriate NT developer's
forum.  You should be able to access OpenLDAP from NT as
you would any other LDAP server.