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Questions about slapd & slurpd

Good afternoon!

Here are a few questions about slapd and slurpd for which I cannot find an
answer in either tha FAQ or the "administrator's guide":

1) Can slapd use a plain text logfile in a specified directory (I don't
want to rely on syslogd)?

2) Is it possible do have multiple referrals (one for a specific subtree
and another one for another subtree)?

3) How can you perform a "total replication" (like X.500 allows)? Copying
DB files (as described in the administrator's guide) just does not work
between heterogeneous systems (Linux and AIX to name them). What can you do
if the "supplier" uses DB2 and the "consumer" uses GDBM? What can you do if
you do not have file transfer facilities between the two systems?
[ I'm using Sleepycat Berkeley DB2 and db_dump/db_load don't seem to help
much ]

Any hint is welcome!

Frederic Poels.