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backend shell leaves defunct processes


I am running openldap 1.2.3 using shell backend for
slapd.  For the "shells" I use perl scripts for the Search
and Bind functions.  It is working fine, but with one
annoying problem:

Each time a backend script runs, it does not completely
exit.  Instead it leaves a "defunct" process on the server.
I am running Solaris 2.6.  When I shut down slapd all
the defunct processes are terminated, but at times I
have observed hundreds of defunct processes.  I am
concerned that at some point it could start impacting the

Here's what ps shows - parent PID (386) is the slapd process:

% ps -ef | grep defunct
 ldapadm   395   386  0                   0:00 <defunct>
 ldapadm   389   386  0                   0:00 <defunct>
 ldapadm   401   386  0                   0:00 <defunct>
 ldapadm   387   386  0                   0:00 <defunct>

Anyone have any ideas what might cause this?  Are
there any config options that might affect this?


Tim Peterman - Unix & Web Server Administration
Lockheed Martin GES/EIS, Moorestown, NJ