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ACL and groups


I have persons under the entry "ou=people,o=Naonet Company,c=fr" who are
identified by their 'cn'.
All of them have a 'businesscategory' attribut and I would like to grant
access to the persons who belong to the same 'businesscategory' by a
group of persons. This group is identified by a 'groupOfUniqueNames'
objectClass and each unique member could access to people who belong to
the specified 'businesscategory' attribut. The group is located on :
"cn=Staff Administration Group,ou=Administrations Groups,o=Naonet

The dnattr specification can be use only if the uniquemember attribut is
in the entry to which the access applies.

Is there something that could do this ?

With the Netscape Directory, I know there is the groupdn option in an
'aci' attribut, but is there an equivalent in OpenLDAP ?