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Using Netscape to mail to a group

I am having a problem with Netscape. I define individual users and a
group of users as shown below and load it into the openldap database.

I can send mail to the first two entries. I want to be able to send
mail to the group "test1". Can you suggest how I can do this. I do not 
want to set up an alias test1, but I want Netscape to have a look at
the member names and expand them. Does anyone know if this is
possible, and if so, what is the correct format for the entries.

dn: cn=Fred Smith,o=Valor,c=IL
cn: Fred Smith
mail: fred@valor.com
givenname: Fred
sn:  Smith
objectclass: top
objectclass: person

dn: cn=Peter Gordon,o=Valor,c=IL
cn: Peter Gordon
mail: peter@valor.com
givenname: Peter
sn:  Gordon
objectclass: top
objectclass: person

dn: cn=test1,o=Valor,c=IL
cn: test1
description: test1
objectclass: top
objectclass: groupOfNames
member: cn=Peter Gordon,o=Valor,c=IL
member: cn=Fred Smith,o=Valor,c=IL

Thanks for your help.


Peter Gordon
Tel: (972) 8 9432430 Ext: 129 Fax: (972) 8 9432429  Email: peter@valor.com
Valor Ltd, PO Box 152, Yavne 70600, Israel