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Netscape 4.5X and Mail List

So far no problem with getting the Netscape Address Book talking to
OpenLDAP for single person entries.


In the Netscape Address Book the Personal Address Book allows the
creation of groupOfNames that operate as a mailing list.  When I create
a list in the Personal Address Book and export it I can see it is
nothing more then a groupOfNames object class with member: attributes.

When I setup a groupOfNames object class in OpenLDAP,  the Netscape
Address Book client will see it and display the members, however, I
cannot get it to treat it as an Email List.  It works in the Personal
Address Book, but not in a LDAP Directory.

Is this the nature of the LDAP client capabilities in Netscape
or......am I doing something wrong.

Has anyone out there managed to maintain an Email List with Netscape and
an LDAP directory.

Thanks in advance.


Ray Racine