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ldapsdk and pthreads: something is missing ?

Yesterday developed an ldap client that uses the ldap-sdk libraries that come with the OpenLDAP package (on linux). It worked fine. Next step for me was to make the client multithreaded using pthreads.
The threading part works. But as soon as I call ldap_search_s using the 'shared' "LDAP *ld" things go wrong. It seems there is support for multi-threaded clients, but I cannot get it to work. Do I need to add a define (POSIX_THREADS seems to be defined in portable.h) somewhere ? Or add flag or define while compiling the openldap sources, or my own sources  ?
When I ran (openldap) configure, it did find out pthreads are available.
Eventually, the application has to run on Irix 6.5. I saw in the Netscape SDK you need to do something with ldap_thread_fns structures, but I think it's not included / necessary with the Umich / OpenLDAP libraries. Am I right ?
Thanks in advance ...
- Wilbert