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Problems to import a schema and a ldif file


Before using Openldap, I worked with Netscape Directory Server and I
have create a directory with specific objectclass and new attributes. I
didn't use any of netscape specific attributs, I just create my own

Now I would like to import the directory I created on Openldap but, I
have some big problems.
I use a JNDI browser to bind the directory and if I put schemacheck off
in the slapd.conf I can easily import everything I want but I can't with
a java program look at the attributs of one entry. So I put schemacheck
on and I saw it was because my schema wasn't "known" by my openldap
directory. So I tried to add objectclasses in the sladp.oc.conf file and
the new attributs in the slapd.at.conf file. But I can't add entries
that are just organizational units and I can add some personal
objectclass entries. I don't understand anything ! I need help,

My aim was to see how to use acl with openldap because I have to use it
with sendmail and other applications. With the netscape acl extensions,
it was powerful, but I can't do anything with openldap. I know acls are
not the same with openldap, but before that I have the schema problem !


 Emmanuel JEGOU
 Naonet => Internet - Intranet