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Re: How to do password encrption and linux Navigator 4.5 interoperabilityproblems

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From: ramana.ramachandran@wcom.com <ramana.ramachandran@wcom.com>

>I am a LDAP newbie so bear with me.

As most of us were not too long ago... :-)

>I got LDAP 1.2.3 configured on my linux machine ( redhat 5.1). I added
>an organization and a person to the database and I was able to use
>ldapsearch (for 'objectclasses=*') successfully. But when I use netscape
>navigator 4.5 on linux (and setup the LDAP server to localhost) I get
>errors (Server error 0xffffffff. I am writing this from memory, If
>needed, I will give the exact error message when I get home. Sorry)but I
>do get the entries too (sometime I get it, othertime its blank). Is
>there some interoperablility problems that I should know about?

Yes.  Netscape is broken, at least the Linux versions 4.5 - 4.61 versions
I've tried.  They get an op status back from Slapd of -1 and that's where
the 0xfffffff stuff comes from (I also am reciting from memory).  The
Windows versions of Communicator do not do this.

I'd call it in but Netscape tech support has pissed me off a couple of times
too many in the last couple of months. :-(

Wrt the ACL stuff, a couple of message have gone by, just in the last day
that might help.