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App Server Support

Warning: I am LDAP Lite.

Installed LDAP couple of weeks ago without any problems (RH 6.0
glibc2.1).  It seems the .configure script and make files are really
polished.  I remember fooling with an earlier release and spending a day
futzing with the make files.  Nice job.

I downloaded the Java JNDI classes from JavaSoft (Java Naming and
Directory Services) and have run the example programs against
OpenLDAP.   Netscape Email works fine using LDAP as a Directory. All
fine and dandy.  Netscape appears to use the objectclass(s): top,
person, groupOfNames.

I want to setup a company wide email database and need to provide my
users the capability to add / delete / modify entries into OpenLDAP.

My approach:
Standard HTML forms on the intranet that POST to a Java Servlet.  The
Servlet interfaces to OpenLDAP via JNDI to Add/Modify/Delete entries.

This seems like a fairly common thing to use LDAP as a central email
directory for an organization and not too difficult to implement.  The
question is maintenance of the database.  Manually editing a LDIF file
seems a laborious process to be avoided.

However before I spend any time on this:

1.    Is there a better way?  How is everyone else doing this??
The only other options appear to be standalone client programs but it
seems easier to keep everything within the browser, Netscape or IE.  And
I have no desire messing with GUI frontends to the client code.  (We
have a mixed Unix, Winblows environment.)

I guess another way it too batch generate the LDIF file from a second
source database which we don't really have.

2.    Has anyone already done this (using served HTML forms and a serve
side Java Servlet) and willing to share under GPL.

3.   Any interest if I do this and release it as Contributed Code to
OpenLDAP under GPL?  Or is this just a silly way to maintain a LDAP